Acts Ch.7

who enjoyed God’s favor 

Verse 46

David loved God so much. He danced without shyness when the Ark of the Covenant was entered by the enemy. He loved so much God to pray that he wanted to build the house of God. David’s love and favor for God are more eminent than any other people’s.

My name is David in English to resemble real David’s love for God. I wanted to follow his favor to love so I named my English name like this. David was so humble in front of God even though he was the king of Israel’s kingdom. David clearly knew who God was.

I am hoping to love God eagerly as David did in my life without being conscious of any other people.

you who have received the law that was put into effect through angels but have not obeyed it.”

Verse 53

Stephen rebuked the teachers and Pharisees for not following God’s teaching. They just read the Bible but not did do as written in Bible. So they prosecuted their prophets and lead many people to death. Their hypocrisy made so many people leave God which leads many people to let die in their sins.

Yesterday, one woman in my working place confessed to me that she does not believe in God is caused of their relatives’ fighting and evil things. Her background is very wonderful in that so many elder senior deaconesses are in her family but only she is remained not Christian. She said she looked at many Christians who did wicked things and fought each other so she was disappointed with that hypocritical action to turn back from belief. Like this, our Christian hypocritical action can affect the weak people who leave God.

So These kinds of hypocritical actions are so serious sins against God because God wants many people to turn back from their own life but with these bad actions of our Christians’ some of the people can be affected and leave God.

We, Christians, need to be more careful the weak believers and not only read Bible but also do as written in Bible and not be hypocritical person. Because those kinds of hypocritical actions make God so sad.

Today we learned from Stephen why we shall be careful with hypocritical actions. We always are awakened not to be tempted by wicked souls. And always try to follow Holy Spirit’s leading inside us. Then we can do God’s work and make many people delighted and lead them to believe in God. It can be started by our family. Thank you God today let me know your will for me. I would like to be light in this world as you did to us. Hallelujah.

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