Matthew Ch.9

No, they pour new wine into new wineskins, and both are preserved.”

Verse 17

The text is the word Jesus gave when the religious leaders of the time were confined to customs rather than the importance of life and did things without love.
Those who are trapped in the customs of the past cannot be corrected no matter how hard they try to inform them, just as old wineskins cannot become new ones. It means to give.
The question here is, first of all, why those who have been entrusted with the word of God do not change and are not influenced by the word of Jesus.
It is said that those who taste God’s grace, turn around, curse God, and disobey the Holy Spirit will never return and will be cursed by God. There may be various reasons, but it seems that they are drunk on the taste of power or have changed for their own self-interest. It is like an incident in which heretics abandoned the truth for their own self-interest.
Even in the world, there are people who were not originally like that a position makes a person, but when they take a position, they completely change and become arrogant and pierce the sky. When I see people like that, I feel pity for some reason.
Not only the religious leaders of the time, but even today there are many people whose thoughts and souls have become old sacks because they are trapped in the customs of the past, that is, their own thoughts, the idols of the world, and the domination of learning. There are people who are hardened and never change.
Among the recent issues, I saw a child of a certain influential politician come out for an interview in front of the public, and most people said things that I couldn’t relate to. Looking at the comments of not only him but also people with such a tendency, can’t you change your frame of mind and take a narrow path? While choosing, I saw people living difficult life.
In this way, I have seen that some few people do not change their frame of thinking, and especially those who have tasted power or money, or those who have tasted drugs, find it much more difficult to break out of that frame.
Jesus forsook such people altogether. He judged that there was absolutely no way to fix it. Of course, there are people who miraculously change their minds and repent, but they are few and far between. The rest will inevitably be thrown away. Because it is to save other noble souls.
I think I now understand why I have to get new wine from a new bottle. It’s because you can’t even throw away new wine because of old wineskins that don’t change.

“The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.

Verse 37

The harvest is so much but the workers are few. Few are less than a few Grammarly. So many people are ready to receive Gospel but if not received the good news how they can know about Gospel? So we need more workers to spread the Gospel to the people who are ready.

In my church, sometimes newcomers visit our worship service but I think not many to respond their needs. Not only the number of workers but also the skill/quality are lacking. So, we seek qualified many workers to support spreading Gospel, raising lambs, and doing good things. We pray to God to send us more qualified workers to us more and more.

I have introduced and noticed that we have Sunday worship every week for the people living around here foreigners and Koreans. So some of the people who are ready to worship God are coming to the Sunday Worship service. We need many workers to support the newcomers and want to spread Gospel to the people who don’t know God’s grace still yet.

I pray God to send us the relative people and trust God will send us many workers soon. Thank you Jesus in advance. Halleluya.

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