Matthew Ch.8

“Follow me, and let the dead bury their own dead.”

Verse 22

In today’s passage, there is a content in which Jesus asks a disciple to come after his father’s funeral.
In a way, it seems perfectly normal and wonderful. However, Jesus tells the dead to bury your father and you follow me.

What does this mean? Why did Jesus reject the disciple’s request? And what does it mean to bury the dead?

It’s hard to know exactly what that means, but there seems to be one thing about following Jesus that it’s difficult to take care of everything in the family.

In fact, the life of Jesus was a nomadic life at that time. Foxes have their own dens, but Jesus said they have no dwelling place. He said it was difficult to make a stable life. In order to live the life of a disciple, one must be prepared for this kind of nomadic life, and there is no saying that the actual disciples wandered aimlessly like Jesus, and that the disciples took care of their families separately. It’s just that there was a family who followed Jesus and lived together in the family.

Also, the meaning of burying the dead implies that the life of living a life of a disciple following Jesus is more valuable and important. Choosing between A and B is because it is more efficient and more valuable.

The dead means those who live like the dead because God is already absent in them. Currently, the disciple who made this request is the one who followed Jesus, and those who are with the dead are not those who followed Jesus.

The important thing here is that there is life in Jesus. Those who eat and live with Jesus have life, and those who do not have life, so they are dead.

If I look to see if Jesus is in me and if I live with Jesus, I have life in me. will.

Looking back at myself today, I hope that Jesus is in me, so that I can eat and drink with me and be myself. Then, because Jesus and God exist in me, I will become a person with life. Hallelujah thank you

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