Matthew CH.1

Pedigree of Jesus from Abraham

In Matthew Ch.1, there is a pedigree that shows all the ancestors of Jesus Christ. All the generations are 14×3=42 from Abraham to Jesus. But especially, David is described badly. The introduction of David is stealing another’s wife which is so severe crime. Why Matthew introduced David like this? 

David was the father of Solomon, whose mother had been Uriah’s wife,

Maybe Matthew wants to emphasize God’s grace and that all people are sinners.  Who is David? He was a very strong King and servant of God. He was the Great King in Israel’s history. But why Matthew describes only his sin in this Ch.1? Isn’t it strange? I think the love and forgiveness and grace of God are more important than the King of David’s achievements.

But why the other ancestor’s sin is not shown? Only David’s sin is described in this Ch. In my thinking, he is symbolic because he was a great man.

The importance of Obedience to God

Anyway, Jesus has come into our life in this way. He was born to Virgin Maria and her husband of Joseph. Mary is a symbol of obedience and Joseph was a good man too. In this situation, most people will be embarrassed and could stumble but they obeyed God’s direction. This kind of attitude is so important. Not doing complain and obedience are the way of God’s useful people. 

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