Acts Ch.13

for he was amazed at the teaching about the Lord.

Verse 12

Proconsul was so astonished by Paul’s preaching. His teaching was so amazing. Jesus adopted Paul as his big bowl to preach the Gospel to the people of a gentile. His knowledge about the Lord is beyond our expectations. He was regarded as insane by Jews because of his over-knowledge.

From this, I realized I have to study the Bible more and have to know about Lord enough to make people astonished.

through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you.

could not be justified from by the law of Moses.

Verse38,, 39

Paul says forgiveness of sins comes from Jesus and we still are sinners if we are under the law of Moses.

What is the meaning that we are under the law of Moses? Under the law of Moses, we have to be careful not to sin even though we are forgiven by sacrifice because after sacrifice if we sin again then we become sinners again. So we cannot be forgiven actually.

But when we believe Jesus as our savior of his sacrifice on the cross forever then we can be cleaned from all our sins forever because the Jesus cross has the power of everlasting sacrifice. We don’t need to do sacrifices again. So we can be forgiven forever when we believe in Jesus’ cross.

The people who don’t believe in Jesus’ cross they cannot be forgiven because the power of Jesus’ cross is not affecting the people who don’t believe in Jesus.

 all who were appointed for eternal life believed.

Verse 48

One day my wife said that she would like to die without judgment from God. She wanted to be disappeared calmly. She was wondering why God has made judgment after death, if there was no heaven and hell it would be better to live. She just wanted to live this life only not wanted to go to Heaven.

So, I wondered too, why God has created Heaven and Hell. Why does God want to judge people by their sins? This is like a child asking his parents why did you give birth to him. If the parents did not give birth to him there was no pains in this life. Buddist says life is painful because we all want greed. So to avoid pain we need to put all greed down.

But actually, we cannot avoid our sinful desire and cannot avoid greed in this life. The only way to be saved is to be forgiven even though we are greedy. Actually, the pain comes from the greed of all the people. But the people who believe Jesus can be saved from this sin without putting their life down.

And there is a proverb in Korea that life in this world is better than that world. Many people choose to live than die. If we live only in this world and be disappeared then the justice of God is disappeared. This is not justice. The people who did good in their lives are to be awarded for their doing and the people who did wick in their lives then they essentially are to be punished by God according to the justice. This justice is not only from God but from us because we are created based on God’s character. We love justice same as God. But the people who think they did not do so much wick in their lives just want to enjoy this world and want to compromise their life. They think that following Jesus is difficult but I found that the mind which doesn’t want to follow Jesus is just not wanting to follow the Truth. They just want to sin without disturbance by God.

The people who do not want to interfere are the people who want to sin freely.

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