Acts Ch.1

he was taken up to heaven

Verse 2

Jesus has been taken up to heaven in front of many people. And be promised to come again as taken up to heaven.

gave many convincing proofs that he was alive

Verse 3

Jesus gave many convincing proofs to his disciplines to believe him alive. He was dead actually but he lived too. Many people are proving this to the people and up to day so many people know Jesus has lived and been taken up to heaven including me.

spoke about the kingdom of God

Verse 3

Jesus spoke about the kingdom of God to the people. Why? It is so important to us the existence of the kingdom of God. This life on earth is cursed by God because of the sin descended from Adam. All of the people were captured by the curse raised by disobedience.

So God has made the kingdom for us who believe in Jesus and love God and people. There is no death, sorrow, or sin so we can live in the light of God. The light of God is goodness. We hate wickedness and love goodness. So living in the kingdom of God means that we can live in goodness. God is righteous so living in the kingdom of God means we can live in righteousness. All the wicked people who love unrighteousness and sin will be removed by God. Living in the light of God is happiness, righteousness, and delightfulness. Jesus has said the kingdom of heaven already comes to us. We can feel the status of the kingdom of God through the Holy Spirit. The kingdom of God is righteousness, peace, and delightfulness. All the people who truly believe in Jesus already felt the kingdom of God because they have received the Holy Spirit.

wait for the gift my Father promised

will be baptized with the Holy Spirit.

Verse 4

Jesus has said to the disciples about the promise given by the Father of God. God promised to give us a gift which is the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit is given by God and it is a gift. Why Jesus said receiving Holy Spirit is a gift? Before mentioning this issue, we need to know who is Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit is the Soul of God who looked into the deep inside of God. So Holy Spirit has the holiness of God, the wisdom of God, the righteousness of God, and the peace of God.

So, when we receive the Holy Spirit and then we can know the will of God and the character of God and can be wise to know God’s will through him. We can feel the kingdom of Heaven through Holy Spirit too. If we are full of Holy Spirit, we are full of the soul of God.

To be full of the Holy Spirit of God what shall we do? First, we shall do repentance. If we confess our sins and seek forgiveness of our sins from God the Holy Spirit can come to us. Second, we shall believe in Jesus as God’s son and our savior as Lord. Because God has given Holy Spirit as a gift through Jesus so Jesus is the main reason for the gift to whom believes in Him.

Today I want to be full of Holy Spirit and hope to go to the kingdom of God and to feel every day the kingdom of Heaven by the Holy Spirit. And want to live with Jesus together always until the day of going to the kingdom of God. And want to obey Jesus’ commandments to love my brothers.

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